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Wrought Iron Railing Installation

wrought iron railing custom made wichita

Custom-made wrought iron railing installed at a client’s Wichita Riverside home.

Installing a wrought iron railing is an effective way to increase curb appeal and reduce the chance of you or a loved one falling and getting hurt.

Additionally, wrought iron ladders installed as fire escapes in your basement daylight windows add to the functionality and safety of your home.

Although a little bit more costly, a wrought iron railing or ladder will save you money in the long run. Maintenance is little to none, whereas other types of railings may rot, splinter and will continually need to be re-secured during its lifetime.

Several different types of wrought iron railings and ladders are available and it is only a matter of preference as to which style you choose. The Best Home Guys have installed numerous varieties and recommend switching to wrought iron if in the market for a new railing.