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Window Caulking, Weatherstripping & Repair


An average home loses up to 30 percent of its heating and cooling energy through air leaks — the most significant of which tend to occur around windows and doors. That’s an average of $300 wasted, every year…for no reason. To prevent this; make sure your window caulking and weatherstripping are maintained!

Windows and doors that leak air can mean excessive energy loss and increased costs. Whether it’s a scorching hot summer or a freezing cold winter, the last thing you want your house to do is leak air — especially as you spend your hard-earned dollars warming or cooling it.

It’s important to seal all air leaks around windows and doors with caulking, weatherstripping or both, to stop air leaks and prevent your heating and cooling dollars from vanishing.

If you have old windows, caulking and adding new weatherstripping goes a long way toward tightening them up and can significantly reduce energy costs.

Stop watching as your hard-earned money seeps through cracks in your home.

Call (316) 681-2639 today and a certified craftsman will take care of all your window caulking and weatherstripping needs!

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Craftsman seals a soffit repair with caulking