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Step-in Bathtub Modifications


The Best Home Guys is a certified installer of CeanCut step-in bathtub modifications. They are perfect for those “Aging in Place” that want to stay in their homes as long as possible and not spend a fortune remodeling their whole bathroom. They’re also great for people with impairments who have trouble stepping over ledges.

If installed along with grab bars, the dangers of getting in and out of your bathtub are greatly reduced.

CleanCut step-in bathtub modifications take about 2-4 hours to install and are compatible with any type of bathtub.

Depending on your need there are several different tub-cut options to choose from as shown in the pictures below.

step in tub cleancut bathroom remodel

Standard size tub-cut

step-in tub cut cleancut lower bathtub

A larger tub-cut for deeper bathtubs

step-in convertible tub cut bathtub lower

Convertible tub-cuts maintain bathtub usability

step-in tub cut cleancut

A water tight door attachment also allows continued use of your bathtub

Special care insructions to get the most out of your step-in tub.

cleancut safety step tub cut