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Wheelchair Ramps


Do you need an access/ wheelchair ramp installed in your home?

The Best Home Guys can custom build wooden wheelchair ramps and have assembled aluminum modular ramps for homeowners too!

There are several things to be aware of when deciding which type of ramp to choose and what will Best meet your needs.

Firstly, where is your ramp going to be, would it be best to have a weather resistant ramp (aluminum) or do you want a ramp that can blend in with your home’s exterior (wooden)?

Are you planning on moving in the future, if so, it’d be best to choose a modular aluminum ramp because they can be disassembled and moved with you, whereas a wooden ramp is custom made to fit specific dimensions and cannot be moved.

Do you want to have to practice routine maintenance on your ramp (wooden) or would you like it to be protected from the elements (aluminum)?

wheelchair ramp wooden vs aluminum comparison

If you need more help choosing a ramp that is right for you call 681-2639


wheelchair ramps Custom Built Wood Assembled Aluminum Access Ramps

Garage access ramp built for homeowner.

wichita ks wheelchair ramp exterior

Custom built wheelchair ramp to front entry.

wheelchair ramp install wichita ks before

Before ramp construction, access to homeowners front door was very limited.

Wheelchair ramp custom built install exterior

Wall on left was removed to connect ramp and stairs to front door.

wheelchair ramp exterior install wichita ks

Completed custom built wheelchair ramp.

hale pet door ramp wichita best home guys

Custom built access ramp for homeowners elderly dog.