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Replace Rotten Siding


Replace Rotten Siding on your Home

If your Wichita home has hardboard siding, sooner or later you will need some help with repairs, The Best Home Guys certified employee craftsmen can do it right for you.

Lap and Sheet Siding

The exterior siding found on your home is an extremely important building material, which protects your home from extreme heat and cold as well as rain, hail and snow. It essentially insulates your home against the elements. Many homes have sheet or lap siding. Sheet siding generally comes in 4″ x 8″ or 4″ x 10″ plywood sheets with some form of decorative groove going from top to bottom. Lap siding is also known as bevel or clapboards and tends to be manufactured from 8″-12″ wide and 16″ in length. These are usually nailed to the side of your home in an overlapping fashion starting from the bottom up.

Masonite or Hardboard Siding

The majority of the homes in Wichita have what is known as Masonite or Hardboard siding. This type of siding is made up of compressed wood fiber, resin, wax and wood chips. The wood chips are disintegrated using steam, then pressed to remove excess water and dried. This is carefully done to prevent moisture from being in the final mixture, as that can cause the siding to deteriorate at a quicker rate. It is important to note that absolutely no glue or fillers are used, therefore, when water gets into the disintegrated wood chips, the damage will begin.

Siding Damage and Repair for your Wichita Home

Regardless of the type of siding your home has, once the siding is damaged it can no longer do its job effectively. Once siding is damaged it lets water, air, dirt and insects inside, allowing further damage and decay to the wood around it. The minute you notice a bad patch in the siding on your home, be sure to call us. More often than not the damaged board you see is really the only part that needs to be replaced, and the job can be done fairly quickly. The mistake many people make, is trying to do it themselves, which is not an issue if you have the required skills to do so. Another reason to not DIY– procrastination. The longer you wait, the more damage will occur and the more costly your siding repair will become. However, if the siding is not replaced properly, then you have done your home more harm than good and will have to pay more to have professionals fix your mistake.

Replace Rotten Siding – Now!

When you call us we will replace the old and damaged boards with new ones of the same shape and size. When replacing the hardboard siding we use a brand called Smart Side that is more forgiving if not maintained properly. Masonite siding, once maintained properly will last many years. The real problem occurs once water penetrates the surface and gets to the wood chip, and once you notice this, the repairs need to be started immediately.

Here at The Best Home Guys, we come equipped with the skill and knowledge to repair your home siding professionally in a timely manner.

Give us a call at (316) 681-2639 to prevent further damage and costly repairs to your Wichita home siding, be it sheet siding or Masonite siding, we can repair and protect your home to your satisfaction.