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Aging In Place Remodeling


Certified Aging In Place Specialist Senior Safety WichitaOwner Phil Davis is a “Certified Aging in Place Specialist”  (C.A.P.S.) and can help you design and modify your home so you can age safely and stay where you feel most comfortable.

As our age catches up with us, certain everyday tasks that were once a breeze can become somewhat of a challenge. Simple modifications can be made to increase the functionality of your home, such as installing grab bars, adding railings to outside porches and stairs or lowering your bathtub threshold with a tub-cut. Additionally, bathrooms can be remodeled to accommodate wheelchairs, doors can be widened and ramps can be built.

Thousands of aging in place modifications, big and small, have been completed by our craftsmen, so rest assured The Best Home Guys have the knowledge and the skills to help you restore the accessibility, functionality and comfort of your home.

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tub cut step-in tub, bathroom, remodel

wheelchair access vanity handicap sinkonyx shower interior view the best home guys Wheelchair ramp garage shower seat fold downOur Aging in Place services include:


– Bathroom

– Cabinets

– Lighting

  • Illuminated Switches
  • Adjust Switches for Easier Accessibility
  • Windows or Skylight
  • Automated Lighting Systems
  • Interior and Exterior Motion Sensors

– Flooring

  • Step Highlighting
  • Anti-Slip Coatings
  • Backer Pads (secures rug from moving)

Ramps interior and exterior
– Staircase Lifts
– Door Widening 

And 10,000 More!

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