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Are You Ready For National Clean-Out Your Garage Day?


Saturday, September 12th

Let’s hear it for garages! They keep your car safe from the elements, store all of your large outdoor equipment, act as a shop for needed repairs and so much more. However, because garages tend to be where you put things when there’s no room inside your home, they sometimes get so packed that you can no longer pull your car in… Shucks!

If your garage has been stuffed to the brim over the last few months or years, then you’ve likely imagined what it’d be like to know what exactly you have in your garage, and better yet, where it all is! Trust us, you’re not alone.

Here are a few tips from the Best Home Guys to help restore your garage to it’s once glorified and very much practical state:

Give It Away
As you venture through the hoards of items in your garage, separate out anything that you’ve not used for a year or more, and donate or toss it. Don’t hold onto anything just in case. If you haven’t used it for a full year, chances are you won’t moving forward.

Utilize Vertical Storage
Install a piece of pegboard over a workbench or along a wall, and use hooks to hang all your tools. This way they are all easily identifiable, but more importantly, easily accessible!

Store Above The Door
If you think your main side walls are your only storage solution, take a look above your garage door. There is a good amount of space up there that doesn’t get used! Simply add hanging shelves above for seasonal items that aren’t needed year round such as holiday decorations or camping equipment.

Designate, Organize, Maintain
Finally, designate a space for each item or consolidate into groups of similar items. Also, make sure you label boxes, so you don’t have to open all of them, every time, just to find what you’re looking for. A little masking tape and a sharpie will do the trick. Remember, the goal is to make things easier for yourself!

Once you’ve finished cleaning and organizing your garage, you should be able to walk around your vehicle without touching it and locate tools and stored items on the spot. You should also have peace-of-mind knowing you’ve regained such a valuable piece of your home.

These are just a few of the many ways to reclaim your once beloved garage space. Give it a try and who knows, you may even find that long-lost item you’ve been searching for!

For easy-to-assemble storage solutions check out Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and Sears or go the DIY route and build exactly what you want!

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