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Kitchen Pull-Out Shelves


Pull-Out Shelves For Your Kitchen

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pull-out in base cabinet with stile removed

Pull-out shelves have been around for a long time, yet very few kitchens have them. Sometimes they are called rollouts or glide-outs, spelled pullouts or pull-outs but no matter the name, it still gets you full access to the back of your cabinet or pantry.

Pull-out shelves will bring out the space you already have. Even in a small kitchen with limited cabinets, you will be surprised at how much storage space you gain after installing pull-outs. Many cabinets have a half-shelf that is practically worthless. With a pull-out shelf installed at this mid-level you not only gain access to the back of the shelf, but you also increase the shelf space in the front.

Pull-outs in your pantry brings out the space to use, not curse.

Pantry Pull-out shelving

One of the first places to consider having pull-out shelves installed is in your pantry. Pantries are typically narrow and deep and once you start filling a pantry shelf with canned goods or boxes, the items start creeping to the back and get lost. The custom built shelving we use fully extend and enable you to reach everything in the back of your pantry without any hassle.

Custom built Pull-out shelves to fit your cabinets

The pull-out shelves we install in your home are custom made to fit your existing three pull-outs shelfs for pans and lidscabinets. Most cabinet installations have two pull-outs installed; one on the bottom of the cabinet and one about mid-way up, a third pull-out can be added close to the top of your cabinet that then works like another drawer and can be used for lids, spices laid down, etc. Many times your pull-outs are installed so they can be adjusted up or down as your storage needs change.

pull-out cookie sheets

If you have cookie sheets or flat baking pans that you find hard to store, there is a pull-out solution for you. With a custom cookie sheet pull-out all your flat pans are now easy to get to. Simply pull-out your tray-bin and store your cookie sheets or muffin pans easily.

Pull-out shelves from the big box stores are cheaper

The big box stores sell fixed size metal pull-out baskets that are cheaper. The problem with these wire pull-out baskets Rev-a-shelf-metal-pull-out-basket-notis that they are either too wide for your cabinet opening and won’t fit, or the wire pull-out is too narrow which creates lots of wasted space. They also only come in a fixed spacing so the top pull-out basket cannot be adjusted for taller or shorter items. They also don’t work in tall pantries–the big box store pull-outs only fit two-shelf base cabinets.

The custom pull-out shelves we install in your home have a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you live in your home

Call 316-681-2639 now and have custom pull-out shelving installed in your kitchen or bathroom and save your back.

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