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Why do Clients Choose The Best Home Guys for their home repair needs?

Q: Can I work with your craftsmen?

A: Yes, and this sets us apart from other services. Whether you’re lacking the correct tools or have the right tools but don’t know how to use them, we can help you get through the parts of your Do It Yourself (DIY) project that you don’t know how or aren’t equipped to do. Our craftsmen will work side-by-side with you to get you through the difficult parts, leaving you to complete what you are comfortable with. Click HERE for a list of our top projects!

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Q: Can I buy supplies for the craftsman to install?

A: We encourage you to purchase materials you want to use, especially the decorative items. This saves you money and allows you to purchase exactly what you want from where you want. You can leave items that are more utilitarian, such as drywall mud, or plumbing and electrical connectors, to our craftsmen to purchase for you.

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Q: What are the benefits of having the craftsman buy materials?

A: a. Convenience for you is the first reason. You may not have the time, knowledge or right vehicle to haul the required supplies. Your craftsman is the expert in supplies and knows the exact items needed for your project. He will purchase items he knows to be of superior quality and value. In addition, all materials and supplies are covered with our one year worry free warranty. If the item should fail, you will not pay us for the labor or material cost to replace it. Items we purchase include a markup and labor fee.

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Q: Will you arrive on time?

A: Most service companies offer customers a 2-4 hour window for arrival. We at Best Home Guys think that is unacceptable. Instead, we’ll schedule a specific time to meet with you and call if we are running ahead and can meet you sooner.

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Q: What is “time + material” vs. “fixed pricing” ?

A: These are two typical pricing models used in the remodeling industry. We believe the time + material model is a more honest method. Before the project begins you will receive a written assessment that details the time required to complete each major segment of the project. In the end you only pay for the actual time it takes to complete your project and you’ll know exactly what you are paying per hour.

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Q: Is insurance important?

A: When you hire a company or person to work on your property you take on all the risk if they don’t have insurance. Although you may save money by hiring an uninsured worker, it could end up costing you greatly in the end. The Best Home Guys are fully insured for accidents, liability or theft while at your home — leaving you with no risk or potential costs to worry about.

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Q: Why employee’s vs sub-contractors?

A: We only send our employee craftsmen to your home. They are employees of The Best Home Guys which means they are committed to our values including high customer service standards. When companies use sub-contractors they lose a lot of control in regards to their service standards or scheduled arrival times.

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Q: Who answers the phone?

A: We believe answering your call with a live person is important. Other companies have gone the impersonal route utilizing voice mail, call routing systems or automated response systems but with the Best Home Guys your call will always be answered by a live person.

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Q: Other companies provide free estimates. Do you?

A: Typically businesses add the cost of the “free” estimate into the overall project costs. The Best Home Guys do not. We choose to be upfront with our pricing. Our clients pay a small $30 consultation fee, which helps us focus our services on clients that aren’t only shopping for ideas, but are serious about having their project completed by a professional.

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Q: Will you clean up your mess each day?

A: We go an extra step further than just cleaning up each day or at the end of your project. We will take care to lay tarps down, remove our shoes, where blue booties, cut materials outside and encapsulate your work area in plastic. We will do everything we can to keep all messes contained and out-of-sight, so the only remaining materials once your project is completed is your finished project.

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Q: Why don’t you have salesmen?

A: In our highly-skilled industry, salesmen may have difficulties learning the details of construction. They also require a commission from the project which means higher prices for you. We’re proud to say we don’t have salesmen, we have craftsmen . The craftsman doing your project will be the one to meet you, review the project with you, price the project and then complete the project. This also eliminates the miscommunication between a salesman and the person completing the work.

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Q: How will I know your craftsman when he comes to my door?

A: After you schedule your project with us, you will receive an email with a profile and picture of your craftsman. The craftsman will call you the night before the scheduled appointment to introduce himself. When he greets you at your door he will be wearing a uniform shirt with our logo and his name printed on the front.

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Q: What are your 7 points of confidence?

1. 1-year Warranty on Labor
2. Licensed, Bonded, Insured
3. Background Checks
4. Drug Screening
5. Certified Craftsmen
6. On Time Appointments
7. No Salesman and No Commissions

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