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Drywall Repair Wichita


Drywall repair

Drywall repair is one of the most common projects we are asked to do. From a small hole caused by a door knob to holes created when plumbers or electricians need to open a wall for access. The easiest holes to repair are about 6 to 10 inches across. Sometimes the holes can be patched in a single day, but more often it requires a 2-3 day process to allow the drywall mud to dry between sandings and the finish layer to be ready to paint.

Complications in repairing drywall holes

The finish on a wall can add to the complication of repairing a drywall hole. If your wall is simply painted and you have the matching paint, then many of our clients will want to paint the wall themselves after we leave. However, to match evenly it sometimes requires painting the wall from one corner to the other corner.

If the wall repaired has a texture or faux finish on it, we can typically come close to matching the same wall appearance. If you know where the drywall hole was, you may still see the area. Still, it will better than when you had a hole in your wall.

If the area of the drywall patch has wallpaper on it the only way to finish the surface is with matching wallpaper. If you don’t have a partial roll to use, we can sometimes find areas in a closet we can take the wallpaper from. Yes sometimes people did wallpaper closets.

Aren’t there faster drying drywall compounds?

There are types of drywall mud, aka drywall compound, that dry faster. Fifteen minute to 90 minute drywall mud is common. Just because the drywall compound packaging says it will dry in 15 minutes, doesn’t mean it actually will. Temperature and moisture conditions of the room will affect the actual drying time.

How do I repair a stain or damage to my ceiling?

Another common Sheetrock repair is on ceilings. Water leaks that stain the ceiling caused by plumbing or roof damage are common. These small stains left on the ceiling can often be repainted and textured without removing the Sheetrock. So long as what caused the leak has been repaired. Many ceilings have what is commonly called popcorn ceiling. To remove the popcorn, we wet down the ceiling with a spray bottle and scrape the popcorn off onto tarps on the floor. For small ceiling repairs is can take more time to protect and prepare the area than it actually takes to spray the texture.

Drywall vs Sheetrock: What’s the difference?

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms Sheetrock and drywall and wondered which one is correct. It is the same story with Kleenex and tissue or Coke and soda pop. Sheetrock is a brand name of USG Corporation and drywall or wallboard is the common name.

So go grab a Coke and a Kleenex, call The Best Home Guys and let us patch your drywall, I mean Sheetrock holes! (316) 681-2639