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Need Help With a Ceiling Fan Installation or Replacement?


Whether you need a new ceiling fan installed or are replacing an existing ceiling fan, The Best Home Guys can help.

If you want to install a ceiling fan in place of a light fixture, then there is some additional factors you need to be aware of. First you cannot simply swap out a light fixture for a fan because a ceiling fan is quite a bit heavier than a light fixture. Proper bracing and support must be added so your new fan will stay put. Also, if your new ceiling fan functions as a light, additional wiring will need to be added too.

Swamping out an existing ceiling fan with a new one is a bit simpler since the bracing and support should already be in place. The only extra work that may need to be done is if your new fan has a light and your old fan didn’t in which case, additional wiring is needed for the light to function.

ceiling fan install or replace

Upgrading a light fixture to a fan and light combo is a smart option when considering your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll be able to reduce your AC usage, thereby cutting your utility costs, which saves your hard earned cash.

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